Macomb Benefits is founded based on two basic precepts:

We ensure our clients have the proper coverage for the right price, since the wrong coverage at any price is always the wrong coverage.

Provide our clients the information needed to make an informed decision as to which insurance program will best suit their corporate and indi­vidual benefit needs.

We strongly believe the process of benefit and risk management is a journey comprised of many short term and long term goals. It is not, nor should it ever be construed as a journey that has an end. We constantly monitor and adjust as needed the benefit programs that we put in place. With that in mind, we will never let ourselves or our clients buy into the misconception that a plan we put in place together today is the same plan that will work for all our tomorrows.

To remain industry leaders in the world of risk man­agement and employee benefits, the staff of Macomb Benefits attend insurance seminars throughout the year. Our president, Curtis Morton, is a Certified Insurance Counselor and a member of the Life Underwriters Training Council. In addition to those designations, he is currently pursuing several other employee benefit specific designations. These semi­nars and designations allow Macomb Benefits to be part of the cutting edge of the risk management and employee benefit coverage and technology.

The staff of Macomb Benefits is comprised of a broad spectrum of talented individuals with over 61 years of benefit and claims management experience to their credit. In addition to the usual insurance minded professionals, our staff includes technologi­cally driven individuals to supplement or support our benefit professionals. This will insure "consumer driven" health care approach requiring technology to keep the consumer informed of their benefit options and utilization.